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The International Stormwater BMP Database was originally developed to enable long-term scientific research regarding the factors affecting BMP performance. The master database is provided on this page for download and use for scientific and engineering research. The database is provided in Microsoft Access and users must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Access in order to use the master database. In order to download the database, a Usage Agreement providing user contact information and use purpose must be completed. An accompanying User's Guide provides a narrative description of the Data Elements included in the database, along with a User Tips Guide and Element-Relationship Diagram to enable development of custom queries.

Usage Agreement (required to download master database)

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2010 User Tips for Data Retrieval and E-R Diagram
2016 User's Guide

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The BMP Database has been developed through a combination of literature review, primarily for studies conducted prior to 1999, as well as by ongoing data entry from various agencies and independent researchers. As the first research task associated with the project in 1999, a comprehensive review of over 800 BMP-related literature sources was catalogued and reviewed. A subset of the studies contained in the literature was included in the initial release of the database in 1999. Since 1999, many researchers have submitted data from their own water quality databases on unpublished research, so in many cases a published citation is not available. Two bibliographies may be downloaded for the project as follows:

Bibliography of Studies Included in the Database (updated 2007)
Bibliography Used for 1999 Literature Review