A broad range of project-related publications and guidance have been completed since the project's inception in 1996. Key project-related guidance can be downloaded from this page. As the project has evolved over the last decade, conclusions regarding BMP performance have been refined; therefore, more recent publications should be used for primary reference. Also see Conference Proceedings and Published Articles for more information.

BMP Monitoring and Performance Evaluation Guidance

Since the BMP Database project's inception in 1996, a key purpose of project has been to provide better guidance on urban stormwater BMP monitoring, reporting protocols and performance analysis methods. These protocols have been released in various BMP Database reports over time and are updated to incorporate lessons learned and address new stormwater management approaches. The most current and comprehensive information is provided in Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring (Geosyntec and Wright Water Engineers 2009). This manual not only provides monitoring guidance, but also provides recommended performance analysis measures for stormwater BMP studies (Chapters 5, 7 and 9) and a summary of the reporting protocols recommended for BMP studies (Appendix A). This manual includes approaches appropriate for both conventional BMPs and Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development studies, including methods for evaluating volume reduction. (Note: this manual consolidates and updates various protocols released during the early years of the BMP Database roject. Although the historic publications are no longer posted on the website, they are available from the project archives upon request.)

2009 Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring (October 2009 Final)

For more detailed descriptions of the Reporting Protocols, see Submit Data for data entry spreadsheets and a descriptive User’s Guide.

Supplemental Performance Evaluation Guidance

Evaluating Volume Reduction in BMP Performance Studies (Chapter 9, BMP Monitoring Manual) . Collection of reasonably accurate volume-related data in BMP performance studies is one of the most challenging aspects of stormwater monitoring. For sites with data appropriate for evaluation of volume reduction, Chapter 9 of the Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring manual provides guidance for five metrics that can be used to evaluate volumetric data. For example application of these techniques, also see Technical Summary: Volume Reduction (2011) and Addendum 1 to Volume Reduction Technical Summary, Expanded Analysis of Volume Reduction in Bioretention BMPs (2012) .

Use of Percent Removal to Evaluate BMP Performance (2007, 3 pp., PDF) : This document explains why percent removal is not recommended as a measure of pollutant removal and is not used in the International Stormwater BMP Database.