Query Builder

Select data from the NSQD Database for statistical analysis. Data can be toggled on/off by clicking items in the legend. For additional information about the data sets and statistical methods included in this tool, Click here.

*Disclaimer: This statistical analysis and data extraction tool is provided as a beta version. The CSV downloads provide simple data filed for further data exploration. For more detailed metadata for each record, download the complete database. Any issues or bugs can be reported at the bug tracker on GitHub or sent to Geosyntec directly. The statistics shown may not be valid for small datasets created from overly strict filtering criteria. Although the Database Team has reviewed the submitted data, the use of the database information or any analysis results provided by the Team is solely at the risk and option of the user. The intended purpose of the database is to provide a data exchange tool that permits characterization of BMPs solely upon their measured performance using consistent protocols for measurements and reporting information. The Database Team does not endorse any BMP over another and any assessments of performance by others should not be interpreted or reported as the recommendations of the Database Team.